Operating across the north of England, our specialist teams deliver top quality underpinning, piling and foundation work. Our clients include private homeowners, building contractors, consultant engineers, local authorities, architects and loss adjusters and whatever your needs, we can meet them.

Whether you are building a house in Manchester, bidding for a commercial project in Leeds or planning a new building in Newcastle, we have the expertise to help you through.

To find out more about how we can help you, call our piling experts today on 01977 604014.
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Structural Crack repairs

Cracks in walls are usually caused by structural movement attributable to temperature variations, chemical reactions, age deterioration or changes in the moisture content of either the brickwork or the ground beneath it. Once a wall has fractured it is no longer a secure structural unit.

However, our FSH specialists can repair structural cracks with techniques that boost the masonry’s tensile, flexural and shear strength.

Before fractured walls can be repaired, our teams of specialist technicians  will identify and cure the cause of any fractures. Our teams can then proceed with any sub-structure repairs (typically an insured risk) or superstructure reinforcement for above-ground defects (usually an uninsured risk), including fitting helical tie bars in epoxy resin to bind the structure securely together.

These repairs are critically important to the building’s safety and integrity and demand professional attention: FSH offers all the expertise and advice you could need, so why not give our friendly team a call on 01977 604014
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Traditional Underpinning

Our specialist teams at FSH have been stabilising properties for more than 20 years. We’re experts in traditional underpinning for existing buildings, as well as new piled foundations  

Our teams also assess and provides design solutions for traditional underpinning and ‘pad and beam’ solutions for subsidence damage, always tailoring our service to your particular needs.

We always offer unbiased advice where there are viable alternative methods suitable for a particular contract.

FSH’s traditional underpinning contracts range from bay windows to complete terraces, apartment blocks and commercial and public premises. We can provide:
  • solution design and engineering drawings
  • building regulations consent
  • traditional pad & beam underpinning
  • new foundations, drainage and retaining wall construction
  • complete superstructure repair and redecoration service.

Give us a call on 01977 604014 to talk through your structural concerns with our friendly expert advisers.
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Our other areas of expertise that may interest you for your next project

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Our specialist teams deliver top quality underpinning, piling and foundation work.

Structural Crack repairs
Our FSH specialists can repair structural cracks with unique techniques.

Traditional Underpinning
We have been stabilising properties for more than 20 years.