We will exceed our customers' and clients' expectations with a trusted, hassle-free service.


We will be renowned for delivering quality building solutions with a respectful and caring service.

Our twelve core principles

Committed to delivering the best for every customer, our entire team shares twelve central principles which guide and influence all that we do. You’ll see these principles on our website, on our vehicles, and in our brochures and signage. Most importantly of all, you’ll see our twelve principles in the work we do with you.

1. Reliable 
We always do what we promise, when we promise.

2. Trusted 
Major brands and householders alike know they can depend on us to be truthful and straightforward.

3. Professional    
We look, speak, behave and deliver as true professionals, every time.

4. ExpertS    
From project management to plumbing, we choose the best individuals for each particular job.

5. Precise    
Your job matters. We’re passionate about getting it right – down to the last tiny detail.

6. Caring    
We care for our customers, our colleagues and our standards (and we're proud that it shows).

7. Respectful
Consideration and respect for the needs of our customers and colleagues helps us build strong, enduring relationships.

8. Knowledgeable       
Qualified and accredited, our people know their jobs inside out.

9. Helpful    
We’re happy to go the extra mile to make our customers’ lives easier.

10. Honest    
Open and upfront is the only way to be. We’re true to our customers, suppliers, associates and each other.

11. Courteous    
Good manners cost nothing. On-site and in the office, you’ll find our people polite and pleasant.

12. Experienced    
There are very few repair and restoration issues we’ve not met before: we bring our long experience to every job we do.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our team is many and varied, but we all share the same approach. Together, we put our customers first and do a great job every time.

Here to do a top FSH job for you we have 120 specialist tradesmen, 5 quality control managers, 14 surveyors, estimators and assistants, 7 customer support staff, 9 contracts managers,17 administration staff, 8 accounts experts and 4 senior managers. FSH - at your service!

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