by FSH
Restoring Peace of Mind

Restoring Peace of Mind

When salt water flooded out a substantial housing association development, the damage was considerable. The fifteen 1-bedroom apartments plus a 3-bedroom house and various communal areas all needed urgent attention. The properties had already been stripped out but because the housing association needed the property fully reinstated very promptly, they called on FSH’s specialist drying team for help.   

The right technology at the right time
FSH responded quickly to the crisis. A full assessment indicated that the most efficient approach for the task in hand would be to deploy DBK Drymatic technology which continually monitors the humidity and temperature of a room to give the maximum drying effect. By drawing in fresh and pre-heated air from unaffected areas through the machine, it optimises the drying process until the required humidity and temperature levels are met. We combined this advanced thermal technology with a conventional refrigerant dehumidifier sited on the landing in order to prevent condensation on the first floor.

Home and dry!
The housing association team was delighted that the property’s walls and floors were returned to pre-incident condition in just eight days. The rapid turnaround meant that the accommodation could then be reinstated for its tenants in a very short time, meaning less inconvenience for tenants, lower temporary accommodation costs for the insurer and, of course, reduced loss of rental earnings for the housing association. A great result!

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