Working night and day to deliver the best Working night and day to deliver the best Working night and day to deliver the best

Working night and day to deliver the best

A-One Ltd – Highways Agency, Normanton, West Yorkshire
Project Overview
A full refurbishment of the offices and toilets, as well as a new kitchen and dining area.  The refurbishment included upgraded lighting and air conditioning.
This was a live site with internal office alterations and noise constraints on site due to 200 engineers working 9am until 5pm in a busy office environment. 

The project involved planning noisy demolition works to be undertaken after 5pm and through the night so the next morning a new team of trades could undertake the quieter rebuilding works.
Even though the noisy work was under taken after hours FSH had to provide a sealed door environment to reduce impact noise to a minimum and method statements were written to show how this was to be undertaken in the different offices, rooms, kitchens and toilets.

Good communications between our FSH project manager and the client meant that this work was undertaken on time and on budget.

A phased programme was issued so that each evening employees knew that FSH trades would be working over their desk areas the following night.  This phased plan worked well and our electricians and decorators each evening protected the desks and carpets with dust sheets to make certain that the working environment was protected from dust. Each morning the desk area was ready at 5am for engineers to set up their desks and continue to work.

FSH group operatives were fully inducted on site to make all staff aware of the health and safety aspects and complexities of working in these occupied office environments where noise had to be kept to a minimum.
The Works Carried Out

New Kitchen and Dining Area - The works included demolition of partition wall, to integrate an office and small kitchen to form a large kitchen dining room with new units, new ceiling, LED lighting and new vinyl flooring.

Toilets - Within the bathrooms FSH removed all old sanitary ware, ceilings electrics and vinyl.  This was followed by a full refurbishment, which included new cubicles, vanity units and concealed IPS to toilets.

Air Conditioning - FSH Renewed the air conditioning units.

Lighting Upgrade – FSH replaced all the lighting from 1200 x 600 fluorescent fittings to 600 x 600 LED fittings. We also completed the minor suspended ceiling grid alterations to suit the new layout. All these works were completed during night shifts to minimise disruption to the office working environment.

Painting and Decorating – All the open plan offices, new kitchens and toilets were redecorated.

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